Ray Gaschk | Class of 1946

Please read Mr. Gaschk's update on his life after graduating from Fife High School:

When I was a senior in 1945, I turned 18 and evidently had enough units to graduate in mid-year, or that is what I was told. My name was given to the draft board and I was told to join a branch of the service or be drafted into the army for a period of 4 years. I had a friend who had preceded me in joining the Coast Guard and was stationed at the Alameda, CA training base. So I joined the Coast Guard for a period of 2 years where I operated the pharmacy in the base hospital. I had planned on being a pharmacist so I had studied quite a bit before entering the service, so I know the technical terms that doctors used in writing prescriptions and was able to pass the Coast Guard exam.

I had worked as a quality control technician at Pennsylvania Salt Mfg Co in Tacoma on Saturdays and summers while attending Fife, where I learned quite a bit about wet chemistry, so it aided me in my being able to take on the pharmacy position in the Coast Guard.

I surprised myself in being able to take on such a serious position, having grown up on a raspberry farm at Fife. After the service, I started training to become a pharmacist, and worked as a pharmacy technician in San Jose CA while attending San Jose State College (now San Jose State University)  While working at the pharmacy I learned what pharmacists did, counting tablets and capsules, typing labels and found it was not to my liking, so I changed my major to engineering.

I worked in electronics for over 40 years. 

So Fife schools did a great job in preparing me for my life's work. 

Congratulations Mr. Gaschk; we are proud of the life you have led! #TogetherWeAreFIFE