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Congratulations District Employees of the Year!

posted Apr 28, 2015, 11:40 AM by Elaine Smith   [ updated Apr 28, 2015, 1:39 PM ]
Congratulations to Yelena Nastyuk and Jeanette Lundeen who last night were named our 2015 District Employees of the Year! Both of these employees exemplify the dedication, expertise, and teamwork found throughout our district.

Yelena Nastyuk is a custodian at Alice V. Hedden Elementary School. In answering what gives her the most satisfaction in her job, Yelena wrote:

I am grateful to God that He sent me here doing this job. This school and team who work here are wonderful! Thanks to their hard work, effort, time, patience and wisdom, our kids become well educated. And I hope that by doing my job right, keeping the school clean and organized, I also make them happy and satisfied. For me, it also brings great pleasure to be useful to kids as well and especially joyful receiving their "Thank You" post cards delivered to my mailbox, which has been written with their adorable handwriting with grammar mistakes, it brings me to tears.

Jeanette Lundeen is a preschool teacher at Discovery Primary School. When asked to talk about her job she shared these thoughts:

When people hear the word "teachers," they think of an adult who occupation or role is to instruct others or to teach others. This is certainly true of this profession, but I propose that I have learned so much from the students and families that I have worked with during the many years in Fife. 

My students and families come to me with a range of ability levels and backgrounds. Upon entering my class, they all undergo standardized assessment and form this testing, they qualify for special education with delays in one or more areas of development. Many have also recently received or are in the midst of receiving a medical diagnosis. Families are often struggling with the emotions that come with learning that their child has a delay or the diagnosis of autism, ADHD or other medical condition. I have learned from these families, that a part of my job is not to just educate their child, but to work and support families in a partnership with them, to help their child learn, grow and become more independent. 

I work with the greatest team of people I know. They care about kids and families and often go above and beyond their job description to serve them. Sir Winston Churchill once said, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." The team at Discovery and the Fife Family do more than earn a living, we touch our community and enrich families through knowledge and compassion. I am proud and honored to be a part of that team.

We are proud and honored to have these two ladies represent our district!