Flu Shots Available

Flu Shot Clinic
Posted on 09/17/2019

Come get your flu shot!  Open to staff, students, and the community!

ESC Boardroom
Thursday, Oct 17, 2019
3:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Which vaccines do you provide?
Seattle Visiting Nurse Association (SVNA) provides the standard Quadrivalent
(four strains) vaccine. The nurses carry a small amount of Thimerosal-Free
(preservative free) vaccine which we offer to pregnant women as required by WA
State regulations. The nurse may accommodate a request by non-pregnant
participants for the Thimerosal-Free vaccine if there are enough doses available at
the time of the clinic. SVNA generally gives the standard Quadrivalent vaccine to
all non-pregnant participants unless requested otherwise. If you wish for your
participants to receive the Thimerosal-Free vaccine, please request it at least 10
days in advance of the clinic.
SVNA does not offer the high dose vaccine for those over 65 years old, flu mist
(nasal spray), or pneumonia vaccine.

What are the payment options?
1. Bill insurance - SVNA can bill directly for nearly all major insurance plans
except for Cigna and Provider One – a Medicaid Fee for Service Plan - unless
the plan is tied to an Apple Health Plan. The insurance information will be
provided by the participant on the Patient Consent Form. We recommend
that the participant bring the insurance card to the clinic. We must have
the member ID number to bill insurances.
2. Pay cash/check - If a participant is uninsured or if a plan is one we do not
bill (Cigna or Provider One), the participant may pay in cash or by check at
the time the vaccination is given. We do not take credit cards. The
standard Quadrivalent is $40 per shot and Thimerosal Free is $42 per shot.

Can others outside of the FSD attend the flu shot clinic?
Yes. SVNA is licensed to provide flu shots to people four
years old and older. If the invited people have a different insurance than the
company plan, we will bill the insurance if it is one of the approved insurances
(e.g. not Cigna or ProviderOne). We will bill Cigna only if there is an out-of network
allowance by Cigna which needs to be confirmed by the employer in advance of the clinic.

Will you give children a flu shot?

SVNA is licensed to provide influenza vaccinations to people four years old and
older. For children 17 years old and younger, the parent or legal guardian must
print his/her name and sign the Patient Consent Form in the spaces indicated.
The parent or legal guardian is not required to accompany the child if the Consent Form is signed.
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