Student/Parent Reunification Instructions

There are a wide variety of emergency situations that might require student/parent reunification. Student/parent reunification may be needed if the school is evacuated or closed as a result of a hazardous materials transportation accident, fire, natural gas leak, flooding, earthquake, tsunami, school violence, bomb threat, terrorist attack or other local hazard.

Notification will be sent to parents through a variety of methods such as email, robo-call, text messages or other social media contacts. Instructions and locations of the reunification process will be explained.

In an emergency, the school will establish a safe area for parents to go to pick up their children. This area will be away from the both the damage and the students assembly area. The following steps will be followed:

  • Parents will report to the assigned area and give the name of their child/children.
  • Picture I.D. will be required by the person in charge to insure the person requesting the child/children is a match to the name on the emergency release information.
  • A message will go to the student assembly area and get the child/children requested by the parent or adult. The student will go to the pickup area.
  • Parents or approved emergency contact will be asked to sign a form indicating they picked up the child/children. The date and time will also be indicated on the pickup form.
  • If students drove to school, there may not be released to drive their vehicle depending on the incident. A determination will be made and notification sent to parents.

Please Note:

Students will not be released to people not on the student emergency list. If parents or emergency contacts are unable to pick-up their children, the school will hold until parents can pick up their student.

Counselors will be available and located close to the first aid area in the event they are needed.

Law enforcement may be at the school. Please follow their directions to ensure the process is smooth and efficient. Law enforcement will be working with the school controlling traffic, maintain order and assisting in the reunification process. There may be incidents in which they are also conducting interviews and investigating the situation.

Shortly after the incident the media may have a presence on campus. The media will be directed to an off campus site to ensure safety and privacy during the reunification process. District and Law Enforcement staff will be prepared to assist with potential media questions.

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